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Free CFD courses

3:15AM - 20 May, 2019

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Free CFD courses 
CFD engineer will open 2 CFD courses include
Course 1: Basic CFD course using ANSYS-FLUENT
Course 2: Application of CFD to automative industry
Both of 2 courses will study the same introduction chapter

Introduction chapter (Background for 2 courses)
1. Introduction
1.1. What’s Under the CFD Black box?
1.1.1. The Black box
1.1.2. Pre-Analysis
1.1.3. Verification and Validation
1.2. Big Ideals: Fluid Dynamics
1.2.1. Introduction
1.2.2. Differential Form of Mass Conservation
1.2.3. Differential Form of Momentum Conservation
1.2.4. Integral Form of Conservation Equations
1.2.5. Turbulence and turbulence models (RANS-LES-DNS)
1.3. Computational Fluid Dynamics
1.3.1. Introduction
1.3.2. Finite Volume Method
1.3.3. Discretization
1.3.4. Algebraic Equations
1.3.5. Linearization
1.3.6. Algorithm
2. Summary and report

Course 1: Basic CFD course using ANSYS-FLUENT
3. Tutorials for ANSYS-FLUENT software
3.1. Laminar Pipe Flow
3.2. Turbulent Pipe Flow
3.3. Flat Plate Boundary Layer
3.4. Supersonic Flow Over a Wedge
3.5. Compressible Flow in a Nozzle
3.6. Turbulent Forced Convection
3.7. Laminar Convection: Nusselt Problem
3.8. Steady Flow Past a Cylinder
3.9. Unsteady Flow Past a Cylinder
3.10. Flow over an Airfoil

Course 2: Application of CFD to automative industry (using STAR-CCM+)
3. Incompressible/Compressible flow
+ Incompressible flow inside valve
+ Compressible flow for an external aerodynamics analysis of a Car
4. Modelling Heat Transfer
+ Heated fin simulation
+ Dual stream heat exchange of car radiator
+ Thermal comfort wizard: single occupant in a car cabin
- Two-phase flow in spray system
- Combustion


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